Cocktail hour ~ The Rum Kitchen, Notting Hill

If I’m ever in doubt about choosing a cocktail I always go for a rum one. It’s by far my favourite spirit and it never fails to provide something oh so dangerously drinkable. I’m also often taken back to sunny holidays, sipping them by the pool or overlooking the sea. So The Rum Kitchen was an obvious choice for a few cocktails with my cocktail hour partner in crime, Lucinda. In fact I think I actually went by the name, a positive tweet and a tasty cocktail menu. I didn’t realise until after our visit that it only opened in December last year or that its delicious sounding West Indies menu was somewhat a focus point.

We went down after work, just in time for happy hour 2-4-1 cocktails (currently 6-7pm, Monday to Thursday). As you’d expect it was fairly empty at this time but it did mean we could get a good seat.

The Rum Kitchen - Dining area
And take in the bright decor which I loved!

We got on to the cocktail menu, which is of course all rum based, but you can buy beer and other drinks if you’re not a fan. I couldn’t resist the Rumbustion, their own take on a Piña Colada. It went down very quickly! Yum.

The Rum Kitchen - Cocktails
Lucinda went for the Rubin Carter which was nice and fruity. So she had another for the second round and I went for the Rattle Skull Punch.

The Rum Kitchen - Cocktails
A pretty strong rum cocktail but another one that was SO easy to drink up.

We did find ourselves in a dangerous spot for watching the food go by. This meant that we had to order some spicy fries with chilli jam to keep us going.

The Rum Kitchen - spicy fries
This had the opposite of the desired effect though as we left wanting to stay for more, both the food and cocktails!

It’s great place for a couple of cocktails (or a meal) with a friend or a date in a vibrant but laid back setting.  According to Bar Chick, there’s a rum cellar and bar that opens after 10.30pm, if you’re looking for a late night!

Rum makes d'world go round
Oh to live a Caribbean life, this could be so true!

Do you have a spirit of choice for cocktails?

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  1. Anita
    March 3, 2013 / 9:50 pm

    My favourite cocktail in the world is a mojito which is also rum based! And my favourite place to drink them is here!