Cocktail hour ~ Giant Robot, Clerkenwell

Giant Robot came to the rescue Thursday when a cocktail hour in Clerkenwell came dangerously close to being cancelled thanks to London’s often frustrating reservation culture. After being turned away from our destination of choice Lyndsay got the Time Out app out, a critic’s choice and a two minute walk away and we were sold.


A warehouse American-style diner is the amateur description I’m going for.


Its main focus does seem to be food but if you can resist taking a seat and ordering one of the tempting dishes, head down towards the bar. You’ll find a few seats and a bar man willing to shake up a good cocktail.


These guys know their menu inside out so there’s no need to pour over the options. Tell them your favourite spirit and the kind of cocktails you like and they’ll choose one to suit your taste.

It was Thursday, the weekend was close and it was a well overdue catch up, which means we worked our way through a good few cocktails between us.


Including the Rye and Dry (whisky and rum, dangerously drinkable), the Caprisima (rum based fruity goodness), the Mai Tai (one of my favourite cocktails, well mixed) and one more I’m afraid I didn’t catch the name of but I confirm it was pretty good too!

Here’s the menu if you want a peek at what else is on offer.

If you can’t get over to Clerkenwell a well-informed source tells me they’re opening a new place in Old Street.

Have you tried Giant Robot? What are your thoughts on the city’s cocktail bar reservation culture?