Sweet coffee satisfaction ~ New Row Coffee, Covent Garden

Despite harping on about how much the recent move took over my life in January (big thanks to my friends and colleagues for their patience!), I did make sure I found time to get out and about and enjoy myself. So the other weekend I headed to Covent Garden. First stop – New Row Coffee. Like Notes I’m not sure how I’ve never seen this cafe before, other than the fact that Covent Garden has SO many little streets that it’s hard to remember which street you have or haven’t been down.

It was Sunday about 11am, a peaceful time to visit the area, and I went in search of my coffee destination. First thing you’ll notice about New Row Coffee is that it’s quite small, but in my opinion perfectly formed.

I went straight up to the counter and debated the selection of sweet treats.



I ended up opting for my usual weekend cappuccino and a pastry.


When I said small I did mean it as there was probably only room for about 10 people but lucky for me it was a quiet morning.

I’m starting to realise that I like the smaller London cafes as you feel like you can sit and relax without a queue peering over you (no room for them!). You can also have a good look around, watching the city life go by.

The coffee was tasty, I realised why when I read the coffee notes.


Having a sweet tooth “honey coffee” is always going to be my kind of caffeine.

I could have had another but I quite easily get that jittery wired feeling.


Have you tried New Row Coffee? What kind of cafe do you like? Large and buzzy or small and cosy?