Sweet coffee satisfaction ~ Notes, Trafalgar Square

I’ve found myself in quite a few coffee shops again. Firstly because I love coffee and I have a long list of independent cafes I need to check out. Secondly because of an epic flat hunt requiring a lot of caffeine fuel. So apologies to any readers who aren’t all that interested in the world of coffee! However, do read on as I promise you where there’s coffee, there’s usually tea and other drinks, and definitely cake!

I went in search of Notes in Covent Garden as it gets great reviews and it has a prime city location just to the side of Trafalgar Square. I swear I have walked down St Martins Lane and have never spotted Notes before, even though it’s pretty hard to miss.


As I had my trusty London’s Best Coffee app to hand, I wasn’t going to make the same mistake again and within a few minutes of judging my whereabouts I stepped inside and made my order.


Of course I went for my usual cappuccino…


I am starting to wonder if I should try something else. Any suggestions?

Notes serve Square Mile Coffee which you’ll find in quite a few independent London cafes, a pretty good indication of how good their coffee is. I believe they offer a number of different espressos but I was obviously so keen to get my caffeine that I only learned about this later.

You can also get your hands on pastries, cakes and savoury snacks.

Due to its location you’ll definitely experience a good little buzz at this cafe. If you have the option I’d recommend getting a table near the back where there’s a big table and plenty of space.

If you’re shopping, visiting the National Portrait Gallery or heading to a theatre matinee, it’s worth popping into Notes (rather than the chains which fill Covent Garden). I didn’t manage to get many good shots of the cafe itself due to it being a short visit but you’ll find plenty over on Lyndon’s Coffee, with a few more reasons why you should check it out.

Have you been to Notes? Or tried and enjoyed a Square Mile coffee?