Sheltering from the storms at Clissold House

Winter has really been showing its true colours recently. First came the rain, then a sharp dive in temperatures and now a sprinkling of snow with more on its way. It’s easy to feel gloomy at this time of year. One way I try to keep the winter blues at bay is to seek out cozy places to warm up in after a good stroll outdoors.


Clissold Park is my local green space and a bit of a Hackney treasure. A lovely little park to jog round, take your dog for a walk and fill your lungs with fresh air. It’s also home to Clissold House, recently refurbished and open for business.


Despite living nearby for two years I’ve only ever admired this 18th century building from afar. As it was that lovely bit between Christmas and New year (which now seems like a distant memory) I had some time to fill and decided to go for a walk, with the idea that I’d pop inside when the temperatures took their toll. After a short while the clouds looked ominous so I made a bee line towards its inviting glow. Very happy to be greeted by a lovely traditional counter offering hot drinks and treats.


I ordered a cup of tea and homemade shortbread, then took a seat by the window to see the storm pass by.

Clissold House offers some nice little views, I had St Mary’s Church on one side.


And a lake filled with swans, seemingly oblivious to the weather ahead.


I was glad to be indoors when the heavens inevitably opened.

When I felt satisfied I’d regained some warmth, I spotted a break in the clouds and headed back outdoors to return home. The amount of wildlife in Clissold Park is definitely one of its main attractions. Who’d have thought you’d find a deer enclosure in Hackney?!


I dangerously decided to dig out a picture I remembered taking in the summer when I got home. Quite a contrast!


The countdown is on to British summertime… 31 March 2013.

Where have you been sheltering from the winter weather?