Sweet coffee satisfaction ~ Fernandez & Wells, South Kensington

Fernandez & Wells know how to choose a good location. You’ll find them nestled in the courtyard of Somerset House, tucked amongst trendy boutiques and restaurants in Soho and now just around the corner from some of London’s best museums in South Kensington. Their specialties – good drinks, tasty snacks and a welcoming atmosphere.


I had a great time drinking wine at the Lexington Street branch in Soho, so when I spotted them on Exhibition Road enroute to the Hollywood Costume exhibition I couldn’t resist popping in to see what their daytime offering was about.


They had a great selection of wine and meat available, like Lexington Street. However, being 11am on a Sunday I was leaning more towards caffeine fuel, doing my best to avoid a slice of cake or one of their mouth-watering sandwiches.


So I ordered my cappuccino…


And took a seat…


As you’ll see from the first picture it’s actually a pretty large cafe, forgive me as I didn’t manage to get pictures of the other room getting totally distracted by the buzz of the coffee machine and meaty surroundings.


Their website explains that their South Kensington venture aims to bring together the best from their other shops – great coffee, teas, sandwiches and cakes along with bread, cheese, charcuterie and wine. If you’re wondering what coffee they serve, it should be of the Hasbean variety which you’ll find at Beak Street and other locations. It went down very nicely, not too bitter or too sweet, in my amateur opinion.

If you’re in the area and you don’t fancy paying for the high price/ lower quality coffee in the museums (although I will admit the Natural History Museum cafe is very pretty to sit in), then definitely check this place out.

Have you been to any of Fernandez & Wells locations? What did you try and what did you think?