Luxury cocktail hour ~ Artesian, The Langham Hotel

After Friday’s trip to the Artesian Bar at The Langham Hotel I’ve decided that the festive season and the achievement of making it to the end the working year should always be celebrated with a luxury cocktail hour. The opulent surroundings, plush leather sofas and attentive service of a five star hotel is definitely a treat. Add in cocktails from a bar voted The World’s Best Bar 2012 by Drinks International, and you’ve got a pretty perfect celebratory drink in your hands.

Sometimes London’s finest venues can feel a little intimidating, but the Artesian’s cosy size and welcoming staff put you at ease quite quickly. We hadn’t reserved a table but luckily as we arrived at around 6pm, we managed to grab ourselves a seat just as someone departed.

Artesian - The Langham Hotel, London

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The bar was full of a mixture of city types and hotel guests enjoying the relaxed atmosphere.

We sunk into our chairs and, after catching up on a busy week, we got down to the business of choosing the right cocktail. At ¬£15 each it seemed like a pretty serious decision and one not to make a mistake on. The enticing descriptions and delicious ingredients made it a tough choice, I think we could have both drank most of the menu. I was tempted by the Blue Blazer I’d spotted whilst researching for some winter warming cocktails, but after much debate fancied something more refreshing and went for the Pistachio Batida.

Pistachio Batida - Artesian, The Langham Hotel, London

An Artesian Classic including Leblon Cachaca, pistachio liqueur and lime. Beautifully presented and as AMAZING as the menu promised. After drinking several cocktails over the years, you can definitely tell when fine ingredients have been used.

Lucinda went for the Pink and Gold.

Rose-and-Gold--Artesian, The Langham Hotel, London

A twist on the margarita with Gran Centanario Plata tequila, fresh lime and homemade syrup using Chinese white tea, hibiscus flowers and rose petals. Decorated with gold flakes, it definitely looked as much as it tasted like a pretty special cocktail.

If your mouth isn’t already watering, you should check out the rest of the menu.

After just one cocktail, you can definitely see how Artesian got its latest prestigious title. Me and Lucinda both agreed that we’d be happy to return in 2013 and that luxury cocktails would be firmly added to our festive traditions.

Have you tried an Artesian cocktail? Or do you have any other luxury cocktails you’d recommend?