Snapshots of the city ~ Holidays are comin’

The final leaf fell and all of a sudden it was winter and Christmas was on its way. The last few weeks have been all about keeping warm in the face of winter temperatures, whilst slowly building up to the festive event of the year. London is one of the best places to be at this time of year, you’re certainly kept busy! Here’s just a few snapshots of the city from the last few weeks…

As the temperature dropped further and the crisp cool air arrived, I headed to Kings Cross, stopped by Platform 9 and 3/4 (for the first time!), before boarding a train to Nottingham. Catch ups, country pubs and roaring fires, the perfect winter city escape!

London is a great place in winter as there are so many places to explore. When the sun is shining I put my coat and winter woolies on and take a stroll somewhere. I’m lucky to work near Little Venice, it’s always pretty in the sunshine!

As the sun rises that little bit later, you can often get some stunning mornings. One of the few motivations to get yourself out of your cosy duvet and into the cold when the alarm goes off!

When the days get shorter and the nights draw in, the city seems to light up earlier each day. I reached my third anniversary of living in London recently and I still get a little blind-sighted by the bright lights, especially at Piccadilly Circus!

If you ever need an idea for how to celebrate an anniversary with a city, Lucky Chip at The Player is great place to grab a good burger and raise a cocktail glass to another great year.

The blog has certainly made this last year one of the best yet for exploring what’s on offer in London. Hopefully I’ll be able to take it to a new level over the next few months after attending the Dream. Find. Do. blogging masterclass at The Hoxton Hotel a couple of weeks ago.

A great weekend full of top tips on blogging, photography and Photoshop. I’ve put a lot of my new skills to the test already but there’s a lot more to be done! Photography practice is high up the to do list now that I’ve finally got to grips with the manual mode on my DSLR.

The festive feeling definitely increased as the weeks went by. It all starts with the special edition Christmas drinks at Starbucks and Costa. The salted caramel mocha from Costa is my current favourite.

By the first week of December the Christmas spirit was in full swing. I looked with envy at the pictures of my Aunty Wendy’s trip to The Ritz (amazing Christmas tree!), then put my festive jumper on for a bad taste Christmas jumper party, and spent a Sunday evening exploring London’s best Christmas lights. If you don’t have time to do the full tour, you definitely need to walk from Bond Street to Old Bond Street as the designer shops and jewellers have some of the best Christmas displays in town.

Are you feeling the festive spirit? What have you been enjoying in the city recently?

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