Four blogs for Foodies

The foodie – “a person with a particular interest in food”, according to the Oxford dictionary. Possibly applicable to anyone who likes a good meal, which is surely everyone right? But from the little I know about the London foodie scene, it’s the particularity which sets apart the pro from the amateur. I’d like to think I’m of the aspiring foodie kind, I really don’t know a lot about food and I don’t cook properly or eat out that often, but I do have an interest in putting together and enjoying a tasty meal.

I’ve recently got into reading a few food blogs in an effort to improve my foodie status. The best thing about them? You get honest reviews, can find great recipes, learn all sorts of tips and drool over food photography without having to pay the cost of a cookery book. As the ultimate cookery challenge is around the corner, and I assume there might be a few more aspiring foodies out there, I thought I’d share four of my favourite food blog finds.

Rocket & Squash – is all about food. It’s the blog for anyone who wants to read about great London restaurants, meals cooked at home, food themed books, food blogs and food-related TV programmes.

Spoon Fork Bacon – I was introduced to this blog by the Dream Find Do team for its great blog design and food photography. After a few posts I’m hooked and I can confirm it’s definitely a blog to follow. Recipes for everyone and photography that will make your stomach rumble.

My baking addiction – I’m not sure I’m quite at the stage of addiction but I do love baking. The great recipes and brilliant photography on here will make anyone’s sweet tooth ache.

Melissa Loves Food – Melissa shows her love of food through posts about restaurants and her thoughts on the London foodie scene. Top tips and honest reviews, written with a good sense of humour.

Some other worthwhile blog visits – Smitten Kitchen, The Londoner (Recipes), Mondomulia, A Cup of Jo (Food & Drink).

Would you class yourself as a foodie or an aspiring foodie like me? Do you follow any good blogs that you’d recommend?

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  1. January 8, 2013 / 4:06 pm

    Yes, I would say I am a ‘foodie’ (even though the term itself is becoming a bit tiresome ;). I read a vaste amount of blogs and also write my own ( and love both cooking and eating out.
    Really like Melissa Foodie and Mondomulia which you mentioned- other favourites are Chris Pople’s Cheese and Biscuits, Table for One, Burger Me and for great photos and high-end dining London Food Freak.