Gabrielle Aplin at Scala, Kings Cross

If you’ve seen this year’s Christmas adverts you will definitely have heard Gabrielle Aplin’s beautiful voice. She’s the talented singer-songwriter behind the cover of “The Power of Love” for John’s Lewis’s seasonal advert ‘The Snowman Journey’. After hearing the 90 second snippet on the ad I had to track down the full version, it was then that really understood the power and soul of her voice.

I wanted to hear more and I wanted to hear it live. The best thing about London is that where there’s a talented musician, there will usually be a venue willing to share their voice. I rummaged around the internet and I was pretty chuffed to get my hands on tickets for a gig at Scala, Kings Cross just a week or so later.

So last Thursday me and Lucinda had our traditional pre-gig Nandos, a cheeky glass of wine in The Fellow and then found our way amongst the crowds at Scala. Gabrielle entered the stage and the room silenced…


I don’t think I’ve heard a room go SO quiet. Then she sang and we realised why. Her voice is powerful, soulful and full of emotion, it’s difficult not to be a little entranced by it. It’s the kind of music you could happily listen and relax to, or have playing in the background whilst you enjoy an afternoon at home.

You need to hear her songs for yourself to really understand it, so I’ve put together a playlist of five great videos I’ve found on YouTube.

There’s a performance from her gig at Scala (‘Salvation’), a song that seemed popular amongst fans in the crowd (‘Home’), her next single (‘Please don’t say you love me’), another cover which is almost as good as the original (‘Fix You’) and of course the full track of ‘The Power of Love’.

(It might need a little page refresh if you can’t see it on the first load, or click here for the YouTube page.)

As for Scala as a music venue, I think it’s large enough for a good crowd but small enough that it feels like you’re at quite an intimate gig and not miles away from the performer. If you want to know what’s coming up there, check out their Events page.

What do you think of Gabrielle Aplin? Have you seen any live music that has stunned you to silence?