Slider Bar at The Player, Soho

I promised my friend Mike a burger review and after researching the best burgers in town the other week I couldn’t get burgers off the mind.  So last Wednesday me and some friends (including burger pro Mike) met up at Slider Bar at The Player in Soho.  Lucky Chip mini burgers at an established cocktail bar, the perfect choice for a cocktail lover looking for a good little burger.

We stepped off Broadwick Street and headed down to the basement,  greeted by a retro lounge, complete with 70s wallpaper, leather chairs, wood panelling and a stuffed moose.  My parents would hate this place after rennovating a house full of this kind stuff, but I liked its dedication to the era.

It was 6.30pm and already full of diners and drinkers, as we didn’t have a reservation we did have a little wait on our hands but given that this meant we could check out the cocktails we were pretty happy.

The Player was established back in 1998, its list of original cocktails definitely reflects their experience in the business and I don’t think it would disappoint your average cocktail lover.  I ordered the ‘Hurricane’, Lucinda ordered ‘Anejo Highball’, both tropical rum-based cocktails, both very drinkable.  They certainly distracted us from the food wafting past our noses.

Our friends arrived and by the time we’d all finished our cocktails it was time to sit down and order.  We were pretty hungry so skipped starters and went straight for the burgers.  For £10 you get two sliders ( aka mini burgers) from the menu with a side of fries.  I went for a cheese burger and club burger (secret sauce always gets my attention).  Here’s what arrived…

Two juicy burgers and a side of crunchy fries.  Need a meaty close-up?

The miniature size definitely helps with challenge of how to eat a burger in public without slicing it in half or dissecting it into pieces, you can get your hands nicely round these.  In my amatuer opinion I thought the burger was perfectly cooked and the ‘burger: bun: sauce’ ratio was spot on.

Here’s burger pro Mike’s review:

“High quality beef – very nicely seasoned, full of flavour, probably aged.  The El Chappo burger I had was amazing, nice to have blue cheese fully melted in a burger. Clever Double Cheeseburger, a real high quality version of the Maccy Ds night-out staple. Bun was shiny and held together, but not too buttery and not at all dry. It looked like every burger had a unique character… I want to try them all. Chips great (poss triple cooked), aioli amazing (and pungent). Fair prices. Starters looked exciting!”

Burgerac and  The Criticial Couple also provide a good review and more pictures of what you’ll find inside.

If you don’t like the sound of mini burgers, word on the street is that you can get hold of the full-sized version at lunchtime.

Slider Bar is a great place to meet friends (they offer vegetarian and fish options) and not a bad date option if you’re looking to impress a meat lover.

Have you tried a Lucky Chip burger or Player cocktail? Have you found anywhere else that has a good combination of burgers and cocktails?