Four of the best burgers

The ultimate burger is a foodie scene I really don’t know much about, but I’ve been challenged by my friend Mike to write a good burger review.Rising to the challenge I’ve been doing some research and asked for your recommendations on Twitter. First lesson – London LOVES a good burger! Second lesson – there are new places opening their doors or popping up at markets all over the city.

I’ve had a craving for a great meaty burger ever since so I couldn’t resist sharing a few of my favourite best burger finds.

Honest Burger

Image credit: Ewan Munro – Flickr

Honest Burger was established in Brixton Village, a successful venture and a whole load of brilliant views later they opened a joint amongst the streets of Soho. I found it hard to find a review with a bad word against Honest Burger so it has to be worth checking out. If you want to know more visit the website or take a look at this Time Out review.

Dirty Burger

Image credit: Flux Magazine

Dirty Burger can be found north of the river in Kentish Town, in a shac round the back of Highgate Road. It’s part of the family of restaurants ran by Soho House, this includes Pizza East so if they do burgers as good as they do pizzas it has got to be good. There’s one burger on offer, the Dirty Burger of course. You can read a full review over on Burgerac – the burger detective.

Lucky Chip Slider Bar at The Player

Image credit: The Critical Couple

At the Slider Bar in Soho, Lucky Chip provides the food, The Player provides the underground cocktails. A combination that sounds right up my street. Lucky Chip are well known for their burgers, also serving food at the Sebright Arms and from their burger van at Netil Market. The slider burger is essentially a mini burger so you get two sliders rather than one big burger, which might possibly remove the challenge of not getting yourself into a burger mess. For a good and honest  review check out The Critical Couple.

Patty and Bun

Image credit: Ewan Munro – Flickr

I stumbled across Patty & Bun on Twitter this week via The Cocktail Lovers who announced they were opening a cocktail and burger joint in W1. Taking it from a popular pop-up to a permanent resident on the burger scene. Burger-me definitely gives the thumbs up in his review of the new venture, making the official opening later this month a date for any burger lovers diary.

Have you got a burger craving now? Enjoyed any of these burgers? Or do you have any good burger recommendations to share? Leave a comment below…

P.S. thanks to So Fabulous, Lyndsay, Kimberly, Sam and of course Mike for contributing your recommendations.

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  1. Mike
    November 9, 2012 / 12:46 pm

    The only bad thing to sat about Honest Burger is that the portion could be bigger!

    Shouts also to Meatliquor, Mother Flipper, Opera Tavern, Spuntinos and Hawksmoor if someone else is paying!