Sweet coffee satisfaction: Ozone Coffee Roasters, Shoreditch

Do you ever get the feeling on a Sunday that you should be doing some kind of homework, getting yourself ahead for the week in the office, learning something new or spending some time enjoying a hobby? My former studious self definitely emerges every now and again but rather than locking myself in my room, I discovered this weekend there’s somewhere better to go – Ozone Coffee Roasters in Shoreditch.

I headed over to Old Street ready to fulfil the cafe cliché – MacBook, coffee, window seat. It was the weekend so enjoying some coffee definitely came before work and I ordered a cappuccino.

YUM. It didn’t last too long…

The coffee in Ozone Coffee is SO good. It’s freshly roasted on site, meaning it goes from here…

…To your coffee cup in next to no time. You can even take it home.

But if, like me, you don’t have any equipment at home that could handle this coffee, it’s best to take a seat, relax and let the kind staff make one for you.

It’s definitely one cool coffee bar. It has that bare-bricked warehouse look I’ll always love, broken up by an inviting coffee bar in the middle, surrounded by booths for large groups of friends.

And stools for solo drinkers, or conversations amongst friends and dates.

After getting distracted by my coffee, surroundings and a bit of internet surfing (they offer free wi-fi) I got to work for an hour or so. I got a bit thirsty after a while so I ordered something else from the menu – a peppermint hot chocolate.

Another drink I would highly recommend, especially for the chilly months ahead. I didn’t order any food as I had a dinner invite from sister that evening but I definitely got food envy. The lunch menu gets my stomach rumbling just reading it.

The doors close at 4pm on Sundays, but before I left I had to check out the basement where all the coffee bean action was going on. I discovered even more seating.

I also spotted what looked like a laboratory, which I am guessing is where the coffee selection and cupping magic happens. I might have to ask them next time I’m in what goes on behind the scenes.

I can’t any credit for this find and big thanks goes to Giulia (from the great food and photography blog Mondomulia) for recommending Ozone Coffee Roasters to me in a recent Twitter conversation. You can read her review and brilliant photos in this blog post.

Have you been to Ozone Coffee Roasters? Or do you have another Shoreditch favourite?

In case you’re wondering where to find Ozone, it’s just a 5 minute walk from Old Street Station on Leonard Street. Here’s a handy google map.

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