Cocktail hour ~ Favourite finds from London Cocktail Week

London Cocktail Week, seven days in the city where the cocktail community unite to show Londoners that this city offers some of the finest cocktails in the country (if not the world). For just £4 (or £10 if brought during the event) cocktail lovers can get their hands on a guide to all of the bars hosting special events and £4 cocktails. A great excuse to discover some new bars and enjoy some well-priced cocktail treats.

I caught on to it too late last year, so last week me and Lucinda got into the LCW spirit and explored the city, its bars and its cocktails. Here are my favourite finds…

Bam-Bou in Fitzrovia looks like it’s just a restaurant from the outside, but if you head in and can force yourself to walk past the food (which smelt amazing), climb up the stairs towards the top floor, you’ll find yourself in The Red Bar. A cosy, dimly lit room, brightened by candlelight and soft lighting, full of Asian artefacts and paintings, down-tempo music playing in the background. A great place for a good chat with friends or a date.

They had two cocktails on offer for LCW, the ‘Marco Polo’ (on the left) from the menu and another (on the right) of which I didn’t manage catch the name. Both were equally delicious and we definitely could have stayed there longer, working our way through the other options.

Unfortunately with only a few days and over a 100 options to work through we made our way to some otherFitzrovia bars, bringing us to my next favourite Dabbous. Hidden down below the main restaurant is Oskar’s Bar, urban, bare-bricked, full of dark wood and leather sofas. It definitely had a masculine vibe.  Large benches filled the room offering great place to take a group of friends, with both classic and beer cocktails on the menu there’s surely a cocktail option for everyone here.

 ‘Anthony Edwards’ was the offer of the event and whilst it was nice, it had Campari in it which is just too bitter for me.  Not wanting to let this dampen our impression we ordered another off the menu. I went for a ‘Dillusion’ which went down very nicely.

Full of excitement over our new discoveries (and a few cocktails swishing around) we headed to our final Fitzrovia bar, the London Cocktail Club. I’ve been keen to check out the Goodge Street branch ever since I discovered the Shaftesbury Avenue bar in my early blogging days. It was definitely the place to end the evening as it’s lively and the staff are full of enthusiasm for showing you a good time. They had a clever twist for LCW as we were given a Mojito kit to make a cocktail at the bar! Somehow I forgot all the skills I learnt at Make & Shake…

A place to go to for a fun Friday night out with the girls.

We headed to Notting Hill another night during LCW, I was pretty excited to find Trailer Happiness on the list, bringing me to my final favourite find. Some of you may recognise this bar from the must-visit list I shared the other week and I was happy to find it didn’t disappoint. From the outside it looks like a retro furniture shop, head down below and you’ll find yourself in a vintage 70s heaven. Vintage posters, carpet and the kind of wall paper I’d never hang up in my own home but I loved it here. The bar had a laid-back vibe, a mixture of people filling the bar and the seats. The cocktails were pretty good too…

We had a Kyoto Swizzler (which in my amateur opinion tasted like a Twister ice cream) and a cocktail I’ve decided to call AN Other as I am sure they made it up for LCW.

Overall London Cocktail Week was a great event that highlighted the creativity and craftsmanship that exsists in the city’s bars. Although we didn’t make all of the bars (I’d be very impressed if anyone did!) we came away with a handy guide that we can refer to on our next cocktail evening. I also discovered the Diffords Cocktail Guide has amazing cocktail recipes to enjoy home!

Did you try out London Cocktail Week? Find any new bars or cocktails?

P.S. Apologies for the poor quality photos, I thought cocktails and a DSLR weren’t such a great mix and made my iPhone do the best it could.