Sweet coffee satisfaction: Speakeasy Espresso & Brew Bar, Carnaby Street

There’s nothing better than the feeling on a Saturday morning, the working week behind you, a lovely lie in complete and two days all to yourself. We had some great autumn weather this weekend. The sun was shining and for me the city was calling. After a lovely day in Hampstead Heath last weekend I was in the mood for surrounding myself with the buzz of central London, exploring its concrete streets and alleyways. Carnaby Street came to mind for the simple fact that I hadn’t been there ages.

I was keen to get my caffeine fix in early on so I headed straight to Speakeasy Espresso & Brew bar. It has a great location on Lowndes Court, one of the little side streets off Carnaby Street.

Taking your eyes away from the bright and inviting surrounding shops, you’ll find yourself in a smart little cafe. It has a good reputation amongst coffee lovers which probably explained why the basement brew bar was full and only a few seats remained upstairs in the espresso bar. I waited to be seated and just a minutes later I was shown to a communal bench near the back.

I was thirsty and hungry but with payday just a few days away I had a moment of sensibility and decided against ordering a full lunch with dessert from the delicious menu.  Instead I ordered my usual cappuccino and a little sweet treat that intrigued me – a Torta De Aceite Traditional.

Have you ever had one of these? I’d never heard of it before but I sensed from the description it couldn’t be too unusual. It’s basically a sort of sweet crisp bread, not too far from a cracker but obviously sweeter with little blobs of gooey sugar and I definitely got a taste of sesame seeds. A little google search tells me they also usually include a bit of aniseed.

Anyway, coffee lovers will be more interested in the drink and I can confirm it went down well. Speakeasy use espresso coffee from the Coffeesmiths but they also have a feature espresso which is changed each week.

So with a little sugar hit, I sat and absorbed a nice bit of caffeine whilst taking in my surroundings. As you’ll notice from the picture above, there’s currently a few illustrations hung around the cafe which makes an interesting addition to quite a simple white cafe. I did a little rummage around the internet and discovered that the current illustrations on display are by Bolt Editions. I spotted this one right behind my seat.

Image credit: Claudia Boltd –bolteditions.co.uk

If you’re in the area shopping or visiting the beautiful Liberty store (which is just round the corner), I definitely recommend going straight past the obvious Starbucks and over to Speakeasy. The staff were friendly and welcoming, making it a much more enjoyable rest than the major chains on every corner.

Have you tried out Speakeasy yet? What did you think?

I’m on a mission to find London cafes which offer something a little different so if you have any to suggest I’d welcome the recommendations!!

Thumbnail image credit: londontown.com