Hampstead Heath wanderings

It’s October and it’s chilly which means Autumn is here!! It’s one of my favourite seasons as we can get cozy in pubs, eat roasts and desserts with custard, drink hot chocolates, then wrap up warm and head outside to burn it off in a park full of warm red hues. I had an autumnal walk on the mind this weekend and after flicking through the first few pages of the London Style Guide I decided to head North-West to Hampstead Heath.

I couldn’t start the afternoon without caffeine so popped into Ginger and White (a London Style Guide recommendation) for my weekend cappuccino.

A cute little cafe which seemed popular with the locals and perked me up for a little stroll.

I headed up the Hampstead Heath High Street towards the Heath, feeling optimistic I’d be able to navigate my way round its 791 acres of woodland, only to get lost after 15 minutes! As you may expect of a heath, it’s big and wild, inviting an unguided wander.

Unfamiliar with the wilderness of a city Heath  with only an iPhone providing me with a general sense of location and some pretty impractical shoes, I admit I felt a bit uneasy.  After starting west thought best to head east for the well-known Parliament Hill view. I rambled along the worn through mud paths, crunching leaves over the open patches of heath and somehow reached the Hampstead Heath Lido with no real idea of how I got there. A popular spot in the summer, now starting to show signs of the autumn.

I started to sense that I was getting close to Parliament Hill and a short walk from here found myself at the bottom of a steep street. I made my way up and finally after an hour or so of wandering around Hampstead Heath I found my city.

It is a stunning view and dare I say it possibly better than the view at Greenwich. You don’t need to do a full walk either to see it if you just get off at Hampstead Heath Overground and walk 10 minutes up Parliament Hill. Then take a seat, enjoy the view, the autumn breeze and relax.

Or fly a kite amongst the others.


Have you checked out the city wilderness of Hampstead Heath? I definitely only saw a small fraction of it so if you have any hotspot recommendations please share!

I can’t wait for autumn to get into full swing, can you?