Five favourite Instagramers

I’m fairly new to the Instagram scene having only exchanged my Blackberry for an iPhone in the last few months, but I have to admit (as I expected) I’m totally hooked.  Yes, there are plenty of random photos on there, but I’ve seen some amazing iPhone photography, picked up some great style tips and had a sneak peek into the lives of others in the city and around the world.

So here are five of my favourite Instagramers! Now, as I mentioned, I’m new to this part of the social media world so I’m hoping if I share mine, all you Instagramers reading will share yours!


Image credit: NewYorkCity Instagram

I’ve always loved New York but after visiting for the first time last autumn I discovered it’s somewhere I could easily have a city affair with for a few years (sorry London!). Liz provides a constant feed of NYC loveliness, a perfect Instragram fix for any city lover out there.



Image credit: Steyf_c Instagram

Over the Channel Steyf_C shares a photo a day of Paris or France.  It’s a new follow for me but so far I’m loving the snapshots of a country and a city I need to visit soon!


Image credit: ELLEUK Instagram

ELLE UK is by far my favourite magazine so it’s not too much of a surprise that I love their Instragram account.  It gives you insights behind the cover shoots, press events I’d love to get a look in, and the odd snapshot of the city.


Image credit: LaurenConrad Instagram

OK, I’ve kind of loved Lauren since the days she filmed The Hills and she’s currently my favourite celeb Instagramer.  Fashion, fun, and a celebrity life by the beach. 


Image credit: SweetThingBlog Instagram

I’ve mentioned Sweet Thing Blog in a previous ‘Friday finds’ as Jessie shares some beautiful photography on her blog.  If you checked it out and liked what you saw, make sure you take a look at her Instragram account as it’s just as good and gives you daily insights into a life in LA.  It’s a perfect example of how, in the right hands, an iPhone can bring up some great photography!

You’ll notice that despite being a blog about London life I’m yet to find a London Instragramer who captures the city I love in a way that I love, not even Time Out London! I’d love to fill the gap myself but as I’m not on the move 9-5 I don’t think I can fit the bill.

So come on Instragramers, who are your favourites? And is there anyone out there who’s capturing this city life in London in a way like no one else?

 P.S. If you want to find these Instagramers you can search using their usernames under the explore option or I believe if you click the image credit links you can log in to your account and start following straight away!  By the way, to follow me search for ‘thiscitylifeldn’, you can see a selection of my latest images if you click on the instragram image to the right!