Sweet coffee satisfaction: Caravan, Kings Cross

When you live in a city like London it feels like the purse gets tight quite often, those delicious cocktails catch up on you, or you make a big purchase like a holiday, THAT lovely leather handbag or the must-have gadget everyone’s carrying on the tube.  I’m definitely feeling the pinch at the moment after booking a holiday a few weeks ago but you might have noticed I’ve still been enjoying London in some of its great cafes.  I’ve happily discovered that I can get out of the flat, enjoy a coffee, meet a friend, discover a new part of town and do some people watching, all for less than a tenner!

Caravan at Kings Cross is the latest discovery, found over the recent bank holiday Sunday, it’s the first place I’ve been to that’s still new enough that you can smell the bright new wooden tables and everything shines.  I’m afraid my phone shots don’t quite do the newness justice.

You may have heard about Caravan as they have a cafe and a popular coffee following over at Exmouth Market. They opened their Kings Cross branch last month in the trendy new Granary Square (next to the infamous Central Saint Martins University),  filling a large warehouse space with their urban style.  I love a bit of bare-brick and the buzz of few people around me, but if you like cozy cafes this space is pretty big so it might not be for you.

After having a look around I ordered my cappuccino.

YUM. Definitely one of my favourite coffees so far I think and I believe the coffee beans are roasted on site or at least down in Exmouth Market.

I was feeling a bit peckish so treated myself to a bit of a simple snack I love, cheese on toast!  Of course I had to have a look around and check out what else was being ordered and the brunches looked pretty tasty.

After I’d enjoyed my coffee and snack I headed out to see what the rest of Granary Square was about.

It’s still being developed at the moment so there’s not a lot to look at but I had a good read about the area and what’s coming up.  Did you know Kings Cross has its own brand new post code – N1C?!

If you’re in the market for a new home and have plenty of spare cash (or have a winning lottery ticket) you’ll be able to get your own piece bare-bricked loveliness in one of the apartments being developed the building!

If you’d just like a coffee you can find Granary Square by following the handy directions on the Caravan website. I’d say it was a 5-10 minute walk from the station so bear this in mind if you’re getting a train after!

I think it makes a pretty good spot for a coffee, brunch with friends or a pitstop on your way around the London Canals (which I’ve been told I should do but still haven’t got round to it yet!).

How do you enjoy the city on a budget?