Diamonds are a Queen’s best friend ~ Vote for Kasun London!

We all know that Her Royal Highness loves a good piece of jewellery and probably has more diamonds in her collection than the whole UK population. As she celebrated her Diamond Jubilee this year it’s only right that this collection should grow with some new additions and the British Jewellers Association (BJA) have been running a competition amongst their member companies to create a commemorative diamond brooch.

Thousand of entries were made with only six going into final shortlist. Amongst the finalists is Kasun London, a jewellery brand based in East London. As a recently established business, relatively unheard of in the industry, it’s quite an achievement and the team are pretty excited about the potential of winning! Amongst them is a friend of mine who’s put a lot into the company and competition so, as I love admiring diamonds and doing a good deed (as I’m sure many of you reading do too), I’d also love you all if you could VOTE FOR KASUN LONDON by just entering your email and postcode right here.

Want to see what you’re voting for? Here it is!

The brooch has 255 diamonds in it which makes it fit for a Queen don’t you think?

As a jewellery brand which takes inspiration from the lives of the people they know and the philosophies in life that they like to live by, they were in a good position to create a well-thought out piece. Here’s what they said about the design:

The design takes inspiration from the way in which the Queen has presided over the UK and the Commonwealth over the last sixty years and combines this with the majesty of nature. The Queen Bee is tending to each of the flowers, which represents the way in which her royal highness has been there throughout the significant events over the last six decades. The four nations of the United Kingdom are represented by their own flower; the English rose, the Scottish thistle, the Welsh daffodil, and the Irish clover. The brooch has 27 small leaves adorned with two pave set white diamonds, each representing one of the 54 Commonwealth member states.

It’s amazing how much thoughtful detail you can find in a small piece of jewellery! Not too surprising though from a team that has nearly a decade of experience with leading jewellery and fashion brands and a Creative Director (Kasun Ekanayake) who was the Head Designer for Azendi and has more recently acted as a Senior Design Consultant for the Hot Diamonds Group.

Having checked out the competition I definitely think this design might be the most suited for the Queen’s elegant tastes. As the brooch will be gifted to the Queen once it has been on display at a BJA event at the House of Commons, it’s pretty important they get the right one!

If you fancy seeing what the rest of us can get our hands on you can find their new collection, Endless Beginnings, on their website.

Ready to do a good deed and vote?! Here’s the link again.

Voting closes on 5 September so please get in quick and if you can share this with an RT or Facebook link the Kasun London team will be really grateful!

Big thank you to anyone who votes!!