Three great illustrators I’d love to work with

When I think about it I’ve always loved drawing and great illustrations, from the super detailed stick men my mum told me I got absorbed in drawing as a child, to fashion illustrations for my textile courses in my teens, right up to having my own portrait done by Damien Florébert Cuypers.  Recently, I’ve started to take note of illustrators in the blogging world as I think they provide a truly original design, summing up the blogger’s style.

It would be a dream to get one done for This City Life, adding a bit of original city style, so here are three illustrators I’d love to work with.

The super-stylish, high profile illustrator – Garance Doré

 Illustration from Garance’s post:  Vintage post: I love being alone!  

Garance is a super stylish French photographer, illustrator and blogger.  She came to my attention when I spotted her capsule collection for Kate Spade, as if their accessories weren’t desirable enough add Garance’s illustrations and they’re pretty irresistible.  I’ve already put my name down for this iPhone case but oh to have a personalised illustration a little like this would be A-Mazing.  I think I’ll have to settle on waiting for my iPhone case and following her blog for now though as she’s just shot to Vogue Paris fame with her own column!


The perfect London city illustrator – Faiiint

 Illustration from Faiiint’s portfolio: City wall draw

As soon as I landed on the fab blog South Molton Street Style I was envious of its great header that made it so original, so stylish and so London. I had to know who had created it.  I left a message with Anna and she pointed me in the direction of Faiiint so I took a snoop around her site and found this city wall drawing.  I think what I love most about her city illustrations is how brilliantly she sums up the city, adding an element of playfulness into the mix.


The fun fashion illustrator – Miss Magpie Fashion Spy

I’ve followed Miss Magpie Fashion Spy since I spotted her illustrations on Instagram (Miss_Magpie_Spy) during the Jubilee Concert earlier this year.  I’ve loved her illustrations since as they’re fun, pretty and they’ve summed up some of the best moments of this summer quite brilliantly.  I think she may love London as much as I do too, so I reckon she’s got a few other great London illustrations in her portfolio.

Do you like a good illustration? Have an illustrator it’d be a dream or has been a dream to work with?

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    Thanks so much, only just seen this!! x