Sweet coffee satisfaction: Damson, St Giles High Street

After a week of birthday celebrations and a busy few days in the office I was SO ready for the recent bank holiday weekend. Saturday morning arrived and my head was pretty fuzzy, suffering with a mild hangover and some post-birthday blues, so it seemed like a great idea to head to Covent Garden for some fresh city air. Of course it wasn’t very long before I was tired of the crowds and in need of a caffeine fix so I opened up my favourite city app and found Damson.

Damson is a cute little cafe on the corner of Compton Street and St Giles High Street, a perfect location for anyone looking for a shopping pitstop between Covent Garden and Oxford Street. Its inviting exterior drew me out of the rain dashing down onto my umbrella, right into a bright and sunny spot of dryness.

I ordered myself a cappuccino and watched the wet world go by for a while.

It was a pretty good coffee fix which definitely perked me up! As I was feeling the most awake I’d felt for the day I contemplated the menu and took in the cafe’s surroundings.

I loved how they’d used reclaimed wood to decorate the walls and had thrown in an eclectic choice of chairs to rest on, it really took it from a plain white cafe to something a bit more memorable. As I’ve visited a fair few cafes over the last few months, alongside being able to provide a great cappuccino, it can be these little original features which help make it stand out for a return visit.

Have you found any cafes, restaurants or bars in the city which have their own memorable characteristics?