Dream. Find. Do. ~ A Blogging Masterclass

Setting up a blog is pretty easy but standing out from the blogging crowd is another story.  There’s a lot going on behind this screen and finding the information to get your blog from average to amazing to achieve the dream you set out with can be a daunting task.  Enter Dream. Find. Do.                                                                      *

Dream. Find. Do. is a brand new blogging masterclass set up by two successful UK lifestyle bloggers, Rebecca Norris of Florence Finds (a blog you may recognise if you read this recent post ), and Michelle Kelly of Pocketful of Dreams (a great blog for event planning and more!).  If you’ve checked out either of their blogs you’ll know that they’re fun, friendly and supportive of every keen blogger out there and it’s this great environment which they’re bringing to Dream. Find. Do.

Their workshop will help you get to grips with all the important skills needed to develop a hobby or business blog.  It’s a weekend full of tips, advice and support from two bloggers who have obviously been there, done that and learnt a whole lot along the way.  It’ll be perfect for anyone who’s just got started or wants to give their existing blog a leading edge.  I reckon I would have saved A LOT of time if something like this had been around when I set up This City Life London eight months ago!

There’s a focus on practical skills, covering everything from photography to Photoshop, right through to advertising, monetisation and PR guidance, helping you take things to the next level.

Aside from the practical stuff you’ll also meet like-minded bloggers, to network, build contacts and make new friends.  You’ll get food and refreshments to keep you going throughout the day and a practical blogging guideline to take away with you.  On top of that, after day one you’re invited to join the Dream.Find.Do. team for a relaxed evening of friendship building and informal contact building.   I’d certainly be keen to pick Rebecca and Michelle’s minds for styling tips…

The weekend course costs £500, which includes food and refreshments, as well as the practical guide to take away.  The first workshop takes place in Manchester city centre on 29 and 30 September. 

Purse out and ready to sign up? Head on over to the registration page at Dream.Find.Do. where you’ll also find some extra details about what the course involves.

In the mean time it’s worth having a rummage around the Dream.Find.Do website as it’s constantly updated with handy practical blogging tips.  I made the above collage using these tips, and finally sorted out getting an image associated to my Gravatar with these instructions.  Go on take a look!

Image credits:  Leo Bojesen