Five fab Pinterest pinners

I wrote about my interest in Pinterest a while ago and have since been sharing my posts with a new audience and gaining heaps of inspiration for photography, style and more.  In the last week or so they’ve lifted the lid on invite requests and updated their mobile and iPad apps, so for those who are thinking of joining or finding some new pin-spiration here are five fab pinners.


BENJAMIN. – for great photography

There’s a lot of photography inspiration on Pinterest and I love so many of the photographs pinned by Benjamin, especially the black and white ones.


Lonely Planet – for travelling daydreams and inspiration

Lonely Planet are the go-to organisation for travel information, advice and inspiration. I love their Pinterest account as it opens my eyes up to new places to explore and takes me back to some of the great places I’ve been to.



South Molton St Style – for style inspiration

South Molton St Style is a great fashion blog and I love these outfit pins.


Swoon Worthy – for interior inspiration

Getting it Swoon Worthy is a blog all about interior design, so with an eye for great indoor style Redlilocks pins some great rooms, many of which I’d love to be part of my future home.


This City Life London – for some food for thought

OK I know I shouldn’t do this really but I’m putting my own pinboard forward here.  As an english graduate working towards a career in communications, it should come as no surprise that I love a good quote and a nice font to go with it.  When you combine them you get great prints which provide both food for thought and something pretty for your wall.  Here are my favourite ‘Font Fun’ pins.


Who are your favourite pinners?