Sweet coffee satisfaction: Workshop Coffee Co, Marylebone

I’ve been working my way round so many of London’s best coffee bars I’ve been wondering if I should have set up a blog just on these finds!  Hitting a different coffee bar when I’m out and about at the weekend is just so easy, especially with London’s Best Coffee app (which I promise I will stop harping on about soon!).  All you need to do is open up the app, check out the map and make a choice of the nearest places offering a good caffeine fix.

This weekend I found myself at Workshop Coffee Co after forcing myself away from longing for Mulberry bags in Selfridges, being in need of replacing a leather high with caffeine one. A five minute or so walk through the hustle and bustle of St Christopher’s Place and I had my hands around this cappuccino.

The delicious coffee in this cup comes straight from Workshop Coffee Co’s own roastery in Clerkenwell (where you’ll find their larger cafe and dining room).  It was totally worth stepping out of high street madness for.

The sage green decor and relaxed weekend music beating out of the speakers made for a nice Saturday afternoon pitstop.

Image credit, top left: omotg.com

It isn’t the largest coffee bar I’ve been to, but I still managed to get a seat, and don’t they say great things come in small packages? The friendly staff are welcoming and after getting into a conversation about the local competition (friendly not fierce apparently) I even got another recommendation to add to the list and continue my weekend cappuccino ritual!

Do you have a weekend ritual? Or a good coffee bar recommendation to share?