Catching Olympic fever!

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve got full on Olympic fever! It’s pretty hard not to embrace London 2012 living in the centre of the main action and the build up starting some months (if not years!) ago.  We’ve had Boris booming out on the underground on our morning commute and the city has been covered by a sea of fuscia pink you can’t miss!  I also think Londoners have few choices, it’s either get involved or book a holiday abroad and hope it’s done when you return.

There’s nothing quite like a United Kingdom in the truest sense of the words and so I got into it from the beginning with the Opening Ceremony.  I have to say it was one of those events which was great to follow on social media.  I popped the champers and watched it in the comfort of my living room with the UK and world’s opinion at my finger tips.

It did take some time for me to warm into the whole thing but how great was the Queen parachuting into the stadium and Mr Bean performing?!  British eccentricity at it’s best!

I properly got into the sport when I became a spectator on Sunday.  We were heading to Hyde Park to enjoy the free screens and entertainment provided by BT London Live (which is on throughout the games) and found ourselves amidst the women’s road race.

Wooooshh! It was a blink-and-miss-it moment but we committed to the sport and despite the torrential rain watched Team GB win their first medal.  There was a great atmosphere as fellow Brits cheered on Lizzie Armistead!

We also got into the international atmosphere as Greg, a very lucky Californian over here on his own, and Paolo, a Coca-Cola representative from Brazil, joined us for a drink.  I’d like to think we gave a good impression of our nation!

Me and Lucinda stepped it up a gear the next day, getting into the more official Olympic spirit with tickets to the Olympic Park.  It is HUGE!!

The Olympic Stadium is epic.

Orbit Circus will never win prizes for architectural attractiveness but it’s impressive to stand under and I imagine the views from the deck at the top of its dizzy heights are like no other.

The Velodrome has a sophistication that makes you feel like Team GB deserve plenty of gold medals here!

On top of some impressive buildings there’s also some beautiful groomed greenery around…

And although we didn’t have any event tickets we enjoyed watching events on the Park Live screens amongst an Olympic crowd and a great atmosphere.

 A spectacular sunset set arrived and closed a great day.

The Olympic fever was caught and I was right behind Team GB!

Next week I’m hoping to attend an official event and learn a new sport – Handball!  I think by the Closing Ceremony I’m going to have watched more sport during the Olympics than I have in the four years leading up to it!

Have you caught Olympic fever? What did you think of the Opening Ceremony? Are you lucky enough to have got your hands on some envy-inducing tickets?

I got pretty snap happy so make sure you hop on over to the blog’s Facebook photo album for more photos!