Sweet coffee satisfaction: Salt, Covent Garden

Friday I had an afternoon free from work, free from any concrete plans, a quite blissful way to start the weekend.  I found myself in Covent Garden and I was keen to make the most of the freedom and find something to fill my afternoon. In a city like London there are so many options I decided I needed to take a seat, get some coffee and look into what I fancied doing. That’s where Salt Espresso Lunch and Tea bar comes in.

I tracked it down using my much-used app ‘London’s Best Coffee’ as it was just a few minutes from Covent Garden tube on Great Queen Street.  It was about 12pm and pretty quiet, so I ordered a large cappuccino and took my favourite cafe seat by the window.

Salt has all the common features of a London coffee bar, clean white walls, wooden seats and tables, and a great view of a bustling street. But I sensed a little twist of its own which I discovered after reading the Time Out review.  Unlike other bars full of reclaimed industrial style materials, this coffee bar has something different which is brought in by the East London Furniture.  A company which turns waste materials into furniture.

It also has some great looking food which quickly got my attention.  This crunchy granola looked so tasty I almost wished it was breakfast!

The rest of the food offering also got my mouth watering…

Sadly I’m on a pretty tight budget after booking a holiday this week but I have to say I found it hard resisting snapping up one of those sandwiches.  Apparently the owners run artisan bakery Seven Seeded so I imagine they’d satisfy your hunger perfectly.  The customers who filled the shop during the lunchtime peak certainly seemed happy.

The coffee hit the spot perfectly and I was set for checking out The Photographers’ Gallery (more on that coming doon!)

If you find yourself in the area shopping or with some time to fill before an afternoon matinée at the theatre I’d recommend giving it a try.  It’s a great location only a short walk from the Piazza and it’s certainly more homemade and homely than the Starbucks, Caffe Neros and Costas that fill the area.

Have you tried Salt yet? Or do you have another favourite spot in Covent Garden?


  1. Mart Anthony
    July 23, 2012 / 10:06 am

    I too visited Salt for the first time on Saturday. The latte was incredible and the banana bread is a must-have! Will definitely be going back next time I’m in central London.

    • ThisCityLifeLondon
      July 23, 2012 / 11:18 am

      Ooo I do like a good bit of banana bread! Sounds like I definitely need to go back to check out the food!