City escapes: my top travel moments

Travel has been on my mind A LOT recently.  I think the bad summer weather and remembering my return from a 5 month trip 5 years ago has done it.  Day dreaming of sunny shores is just so irresistible right now!  But one thing that all these dreamy thoughts has made me realise that I’ve been incredibly lucky in my life to have experienced these moments which led me to live in London where I can go exploring every weekend.

So I’m going to escape city life for a while and indulge in my top travel moments from a long trip and the last few years in the hope that it might make you think about your own treasured travel memories, and for those contemplating a trip to get themselves down to the travel agents ASAP!

1. Jumping into the deep end in Hong Kong. We were two fresh-faced 21 year olds, thousands of miles from home, jet lagged like hell and in a country where couldn’t understand the language or literature.  It was scary but eye-opening, a different sky line, a different culture, a great place to start an adventure.

2. Experiencing the city buzz and iconic sites of Sydney.  This capital probably cemented my city love.  Soaking up the cosmopolitan buzz, taking in iconic sites like the Sydney Opera house and climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, confirmed that capitals cities are exciting places to be.  

 3. Spending five days attempting to surf. I had a dream through most of my younger years that I would learn to surf and spend my weekends in Cornwall.  Five days of surfing on the East Coast of Australia and the dream was over.  It was an amazing experience, camping next to beaches like this…

But sadly I didn’t get to the stage of being able to do this!

4. Flying a plane over Town 1770, Australia. The best $40 I’ll ever spend.  A 90 minute flight where I got to assist the take off and land on a private beach (excuse the *ahem* traveller hair!).

Money-can-buy views…

5. Heading to the Australian outback on a 24 hour coach trip. The longest coach trip I’ll ever take which left a pretty uneasy sense that you were being driven into the middle of nowhere, not just hours but days from any big town or city.

But they’re sights you’ll never find on National Express and at the end you get to see this!

6. Sky diving over Mission Beach, Australia.  I almost didn’t do this but I was so glad I did.  Imagine seeing this at 14,000ft!

 If you want to see the proof, you can find it over on  You Tube by clicking here.

7. Campervan adventures around New Zealand.  affectionately named Bertha, she took us around New Zealand in comfort for 17 days, overcame 95km of unsealed roads, and saw so many beautiful sights with us.  She also got us into trouble with a local council when we parked up for the night somewhere we shouldn’t have… oops.

8. Glacier trekking at Franz Josef, New Zealand.  Walking on ice, with stunning sights.  The adrenaline definitely started brewing when the threat of avalanches were mentioned and we had to hot foot it back to base before the sun crept behind the mountains.


9. Looking out onto the beautiful Caribbean seas and learning to scuba dive. Two weeks relaxing in the Cayman Islands bizarrely gave me the motivation to get myself into gear and get a job in London.

I think learning to dive under the azure blue seas made me realise I could do anything I put my mind to.

10. Seeing Central Park and the Empire State at the Rockefeller Center, New York.  I dreamed of visiting New York for so long that I couldn’t quite believe I was finally getting to see these views! One of the best long weekends for a while.

Makes me want to drop everything and get on a plane right now!

What are your favourite travel moments? And what’s the next place on your travel wish list? I’d love to hear about where you’ve been and where you’re going! I have a feeling they might just inspire my own travel wish list!