Sweet coffee satisfaction: Tapped & Packed, Rathbone Place

This Saturday I found myself aimlessly wandering the wet streets of London, my afternoon at the Photographer’s Gallery had been cancelled due exhibition change overs, and I just thought “All I need is coffee, a comfy seat and an hour of dryness”.  Tapped & Packed popped into mind as I randomly recalled it was near Oxford Street so I was onto Google Maps and hot footing it down there.

I was so happy to take a seat and enjoy this…

Ahhh, this cappuccino hit the spot just right (and looked pretty too!)

Once I’d had a sip and a little caffeine fix, I took in my surroundings.  It definitely met the rustic industrial look.  Wooden floors – check.  Wooden chairs – check. Worn metal – check.

Warehouse lights – check. Benches – check.

 I decided to perch myself on these comfy seats, great for coffee for one (but also two!).  It meant I could curiously people watch those coming and going too.

As you can see it was pretty quiet for a Saturday in a central London location but this allowed a nice relaxing atmosphere, and a happy break from the shopping madness just a hop, skip and a jump away.  With its location at 26 Rathbone Place being close to the city’s media home, I imagine during the week it’s a different scene, full of creatives looking for the day’s caffeine fuel.

As for the coffee, I liked it, it had a sort of fruity taste similar to that at Vagabond.  You can get tea, other refreshments and sweet snacks or savoury goods too, but as I had baking blondie brownies on the mind I didn’t indulge. They did look tasty though.

Tell me tea and coffee addicts, when does caffeine taste its best to you?