Exploring Maltby Street Market

Maltby Street Market seems to be an up and coming place for foodies who can’t quite bare the crowds of its big brother Borough Market.  I first spotted it in the London Style Guide and then it snuck into last week’s edition of Stylist.  I’d been looking forward to this weekend for a while as the first of many completely free of plans, perfect for just rolling out of bed and exploring the city with my camera in hand. This market fitted the bill nicely.

As its opening hours are 9am to 2pm I got myself up, ready, dressed and down to London Bridge by a respectable 11am.  I did have to use a combination of the Maltby Street Market map and Google maps to make my way down to where it was all happening, but 10 minutes later I’d already past a few great stalls on Druid Street and then found myself amongst a nice little foodie crowd at Maltby Street.

 Unlike Borough Market, the stalls are nicely spread out in the burrows of railway arches where Monday to Friday they store or create their produce.  This was great as it meant not having to elbow your way between stalls and it felt like you were getting a bit of a sneak peak behind the scenes, no gimmicks, just produce.

There were plenty of things to fill your bags and get your mouth watering.

 Crunchy fresh bread from St John’s Bakery.

Cheese glorious cheese! I was pretty excited to find this Gouda which mysteriously went missing from Borough Market, apparently this seller is amongst a few who’ve had to move away from the well-known market.

Fresh fish, but don’t forget to email to avoid disappointment!


And even cocktails! Perfect for getting your Saturday socialising started!

If the stalls in Maltby Street don’t quite have enough, extend your exploring further and head down to the Spa terminus (which also features on the website map).  It was a little harder to locate as I walked straight past a seemingly hidden door but step through it and you’ll find…

Fruit and veg!

 More meat!

And coffee from The Little Bread Pedlar to enjoy with your brownie! Just to name a few.

If the sun’s shining or you’re in the mood for a foodie wander I definitely recommend heading to Bermondsey and searching out this fresh produce.  There’s not quite as much as Borough Market but it has a great London buzz and lots of fun to explore.

Have you tried out Maltby Street Market? What did you think in comparison to Borough Market? Or do you have an alternative foodie heaven worth shouting about?

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  1. November 18, 2012 / 11:46 pm

    great coverage! i’m a bermondsey local and Spa Terminus is in my backyard. Once i was walking to the tube station on a saturday morning and couldn’t figure out for the life of me why there were middle-class people wandering around in the train arches parking lot. i was beyond surprised when i found out about the market and love love LOVE it now!