A hidden gem – Lexington Street, Soho

I’ve been having a little affair with Soho of late with cocktail hours at Barrio Central and Archer Street and more recently a mini bar crawl around its back streets for a colleagues leaving do.  It was this unplanned exploring which brought me to Lexington Street, somewhere I definitely think is one of Soho’s hidden gems.


Soho tends to get summed up as being a bit of a brash part of the city with neon nightclubs and numerous sex shops, but I think it’s having a moment and if you delve behind the stereotype you’re certain to find trendy cocktail bars, great cafes and tempting boutiques.

Lexington Street is a great example of why it’s worth giving this area a chance. Take a few left and rights down some winding streets from Oxford Street or Regent Street and what you’ll discover here is a short, pretty street with a mini collection of intriguing bars and restaurants, plus a well-known boutique.

We headed to Fernandez and Wells for some wine and it seemed to be a popular attraction, so full inside that we spilled out onto the path with our bottle and glasses in hand, and joined a few others enjoying their evening outside.  Whilst I was ordering I had a good look at the offerings and did find my stomach rumbling over the meats and olives.

My informed explorer Brian told me if you want to get a seat the best time to pop down is a Sunday afternoon, around 3pm, but if you can’t get in I spotted a couple of other interesting places which looked worth a try.


 Image credit – eatreview.wordpress.com

Mildreds is a vegetarian restaurant which looked lovely and seems to get pretty decent reviews (you can find an honest one at eatreview.wordpress.com).

Image credit – greendrummers.com

Andrew Edmunds looked intriguing and romantic and there’s quite a good review on Square Meal (find it here).  There are a couple of other food options to chose from but I couldn’t help get distracted by this boutique.

Image credit – GraziaDaily.com

 Lucy in Disguise, a much hyped about vintage store owned by Lily Allen and her sister Sarah Owen.  I always wondered where it moved to after it closed down in Covent Garden and unlike their previous store it’s a lot more eye catching!

So have you stumbled upon Lexington Street and tried out one of its intriguing bars or restaurants? Or found a hidden gem in London worth sharing?