“What’s a blogger to do…

…When away from London?” Is the question I asked myself this weekend. I’ve mentioned before that when I return to my hometown Birmingham, although it’s another big city, the pace of things turns down a notch. Whilst I enjoy the peace and quiet, I’m not one to sit and do nothing for long so I rummage around for things to fill my time.



This City Life is becoming more and more of an activity I find I get completely absorbed in. I’ve been learning a lot about what makes social media and the world wide web tick, so I thought I’d give the blog a bit of TLC and add a couple of new features to share with you.

The Instagram widget

As someone who loves photography I knew I’d get hooked on Instagram. As I’m in the transition between my Blackberry and an iPhone it’s a steadily growing addiction. The aim is that it ties in with the general idea of the blog so I thought a thumbnail on the side menu would be a nice addition and it’s an easy one at that! You need to have a self-hosted WordPress site first, if you have it, here’s what you need to to…

You’ll see it on the right, go on click it and see what you think!

The Pinterest widget

I wrote about my interest in Pinterest a few months ago and have since been intending to get a ‘Follow me on Pinterest’ link. I got a bit wrapped up and confused in the coding instructions on the site and then found another plugin! To get it, follow the same instructions as for the Instagram widget, replacing search terms with ‘Pinterest “Follow” button’, choose the first one on the list and add the new widget to the side bar.

For your username you need to enter it as it appears on your Pinterest page. i.e mine is http://pinterest.com/thiscitylife/ so I entered ThisCityLife.

As for the rest of my weekend, you’ll see if you scroll through the Instagram widget that I’ve been getting nostalgic with photos and tapestry from my childhood, reading The Great Gatsby by my dad’s pond and enjoying the results of some late night baking for my dad’s birthday.

How were your weekends? 

If you have a Pinterest or Instagram account you think I might like let me know!

Thumbnail image credit –  howtogetfocused.com