Sweet coffee satisfaction – Tomtom Coffee House, Belgravia

A good few months ago on a sunny Autumn afternoon I stumbled upon Tomtom Coffee House.  You see so much more of London whilst walking around and there’s often a new places to find on your way.   It was perfect cool weather for a stroll, blowing away the cobwebs from the night before and filling my lungs with fresh city air.  I was in the mood to look around but somehow not in the mood for a coffee, so I made a mental note of its whereabouts.

Last weekend brought the River Pageant and with it some unseasonably cold temperatures and unwelcome rain.  After soaking up the atmosphere of the event, I wasn’t in the mood for soaking up the weather and hunted out Tomtom’s location.  After a bit of google mapping, I went from being in this…

To enjoying the warmth and caffeine rush of this.

You’ll find this cafe on the corner of Ebury Street and Elizabeth Street (SW1W 9QD to be exact), 5 minutes or so from the hustle and bustle of Victoria Station, sitting amongst other boutique shops and cafes.

From the outside you anticipate an atmosphere similar to their cigar shop round the corner but inside you’re greeted with a warm, cosy coffee house with an upmarket New England feel to it (in my opinion).  They offer sweets and savouries in addition to drinks, of course I added a sweet shortbread to my coffee order for an added pick me up factor.   I then watched the damp world go by whilst I regained some warmth and dryness.  The total spend was about £5.

If you’re in the area I recommend popping in, it’s quite near Pimlico Road which has some lovely looking boutiques to spend your afternoon in.

Do you like a good city stroll? Are there any great places you’ve found unexpectedly?


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