Luxury cocktail hour ~ The Blue Bar, The Berkeley

There was something I didn’t share with you from my Jubilee celebrations last week… I enjoyed a little more luxury indulgence at The Berkeley than I let on.  You see cocktails can nicely round off an afternoon or evening, either replacing a dessert or on this occasion allowing another notch of relaxation to unwind before the journey home.


You may think after enjoying their Prêt-à-Portea that there’d be no more room for more indulgence, but with those treats-too-far tucked away in The Berkeley’s handy take away bags, we decided that trying out their decant cocktail menu in The Blue Bar would complete our experience of this five star hotel.

You really know you are in a luxury London hotel when you cross a hallway with this beautiful flower display ready to celebrate our Royal British heritage.

As for The Blue Bar itself it definitely had a luxurious feel about it and it’s a great place to people watch.  I’m generally fascinated by the wealth within London (there’s so much of it around sometimes!) and in places like this you never know when you’ll see a well-known face.

The cocktail menu is deliciously tempting and full of the finest ingredients, they start at £13.50 and end somewhere unimaginable.  Lynn had an attention-grabbing drink, a bubbling martini which looked like a bit of a science experiment but I’m told was perfection.

I went for a rum cocktail (the Berkeley Zombie I believe), deliciously tropical and a smoothness which gave away the fact that there was some good quality rum inside.

The staff were friendly and attentive and unlike some luxury locations in London they didn’t make you feel out of place.

I definitely recommend The Blue Bar for cocktail treats and experiencing London’s luxurious side of life.  It’s right near Hyde Park so it would also make a great stop for quenching your thirst after an afternoon in the park.


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