A story for the grandkids, the Diamond Jubilee

As the official Diamond Jubilee celebrations are behind us it becomes one of those events where every now and again we’ll try to remember what we did (or didn’t) do to celebrate this historic event, most likely for the interest of evening dinner conversation or curious grandkids.  Memories will be full of uniting street parties, soaking up the atmosphere amongst the crowds or watching from your local pub or comfy sofa. For many it may just blur into another great extended weekend with friends or loved ones. Whatever you were doing you’ll have a story to tell and so I thought I’d share mine for the history books…

I think anyone from the UK will agree it’s never felt so great to be British recently, the Union Jack has flown proudly across the country setting us up nicely for a great British summer.  It’s definitely a good time to be living in London too!

I love a good Afternoon Tea and a special Diamond Jubilee edition of The Berkeley’s Prêt-à-Portea was a great experience and got me into the Jubilee swing of things.

The official Jubilee celebrations started with a great day out with friends at the Epsom Derby.  The Red Devil Parachute team decorated the sky, I got a glimpse of the Queen driving past and we enjoyed plenty of food and sparkling drinks, not to mention a few cheeky bets.


I braved the British bank holiday rain to watch the River Pageant go by and got a pretty good spot between Chelsea Bridge and Battersea Power Station.  I got chatting to some lovely ladies who told me of how several generations of their family had worked on the seas and at the last minute they decided it was their duty to watch the Pageant, it made me realise how much of a uniting event it was.

I spent the rest of the bank holiday enjoying it from the comfort of my sofa. My favourite TV moments have to be Prince Charles’ speech, the epic firework display and of course Kate’s outfit choices.  London looked very beautiful and it was great to see the concert in action after I’d taken a wander around Buckingham Palace just a few days before.

A four day weekend has done me the world of good and I almost feel ready to go back to work tomorrow.

How was your Diamond Jubilee weekend? What story will you be telling the grandkids?