City reads: Paris in Colour

London, Paris and New York, the most cosmopolitan cities in the world and three places I’d love to live in in my life time.  I’ve achieved one being an adopted Londoner, I finally managed to visit New York for the first time last year, but I’ve never been to Paris (it’s so close I know!!) But a bit like New York I’ve wanted to go for so long now that I want to do the city justice which means some serious saving.

This is where Paris in Colour comes in as it’s the perfect book to daydream about the wandering I could enjoy, the Parisian cafes I could ponder in, the cosmopolitan atmosphere I could soak up and even achieving the dream of living overseas for a while.  If that isn’t enough to make it a good book, for those who love photography like I do, it provides some great inspiration for photographing iconic cities.  It has certainly made me see potential pictures in a different sort of light – PURE COLOUR. It also looks pretty smart on your coffee table or in your bookshelf.

As the title suggests the book is split up into a rainbow of colours, each picture coordinated with the next.  As a New Yorker in Paris the author Nichole Robertson takes you through this beautiful city as someone discovering it for the first time, behind the scenes of the tourist traps where every traveller wants to find themselves.  Here’s a few pages to give you a little bit of look inside the the book.




Feeling inspired I put together a little London in Colour.

Red and white

So are you sold and ready to buy this book too?  You can order it from Amazon for just £9.79.  If you want to see more in the meantime make sure you visit the author’s blog Little Brown Pen where this book grew from.