The regal Kensington Gardens

This weekend has to be the loveliest and hottest weekend of the year so far, with the endless weeks of rain we’ve had recently there was no chance I was missing out on sunny London. In this weather, and pretty much any other fine weather, London’s parks become my back gardens.  There are plenty of options to choose from but I thought Kensington Gardens would be aptly regal for the approaching Diamond Jubilee so that’s where I spent this clear sky Sunday.

I’ve been to Kensington Gardens before but only for the Palace (before the refurb was finished) and I’ve never had much of a stroll around, it’s definitely the most royal park I’ve sat in in London.  I don’t think there are many palaces where you can eat your lunch in the grass this close to the Palace!

I was pretty tempted to go into Kensington Palace as I’ve heard about how spectacular it is after the recent refurbishment was completed but as the sun was shining I decided to check out what else was on offer. If you’re the kind who doesn’t sit still in the sun there’s plenty of things to look at!

I stumbled upon the Albert memorial on my way to the Garden’s entrance and it sparkled under the beaming rays.

As Albert overlooks the Albert Hall (which I’d somehow never got round to seeing before!) you’re definitely not short of historic London sights from the first entrance.

From there you can walk up to the Round Lake, today it really shimmered and I was half tempted to dip my toes in!

You can also enjoy the lake’s lovely nature. How cute is this…

If you want to get out of the rays there are plenty of trees to grab some shade under.

You can continue your stroll around the groomed gardens of the Palace.

And the Orangery.

You can even take a regal rest and dine there.  I’ve had tea and scones here before and it’s definitely worth a visit! Especially if you want to impress some visiting guests.

There was one place I didn’t manage but it looks like it’s worth a visit the next time the sun shines and that’s the Italian Gardens. If the website is anything to go by it looks like you’ll find some stunning views there.

If all this strolling is too much for a hot day, I still recommend it as a lovely place to spend a sunny afternoon.

Is this your favourite place in the sun? Or do you have any good recommendations to share for next time??