Sunny London

The last couple of weeks have been pretty hectic one way or another, I’ve barely seen the gym and it’s been a week since my last post! The arrival of some lovely sunny weather has been a real treat and fingers crossed it’ll be around for a well-deserved weekend! London really shines under the warm rays and blue sky so I thought I’d give this city a bit of love and share what I enjoy doing most when this rare weather arrives.

A cold drink in a beer garden is definitely top of my list, it’s the ultimate reward to a day in the office.  We managed to squeeze into KOKO’s on Tuesday for a cider before Temper Trap got started (more on this venue and that band coming soon!)

If the sun is strong enough by midday, I’m out of the office and down by the canal to enjoy lunch in the picturesque Little Venice. Rembrandt Gardens is a lovely little spot just off the canal where you can sit in the grass or pick up a deckchair and recharge your batteries for the afternoon.

After work if I’m not enjoying a cold drink somewhere, I like to take a nice long stroll around the city enjoying iconic London sites on my way.

There’s a great atmosphere in London as the city builds up to the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics.  The city really shines in the sun and it feels great to be British right now.

Only the few have nice big gardens to sunbathe in here so parks become your back garden. There are some great ones to choose from though,  Hyde Park is one of my favourites for it’s size, local location to the office and the serene Serpentine lake.

Sunny days wouldn’t be complete without a bit of ice cream, due to the lack of gym activity this week I went for some frozen yoghurt from Pinkberry.  I stumbled upon it in Selfridges and it is pretty tasty and fresh, but also pretty expensive at £3.90 for this small cup.

Whilst I enjoyed my angelic choice, I really wanted some Haagen Dazs and as they’ve just released my favourite ice cream flavour (mint choc chip) it’s only a matter of time until I get my hands on this!

There is just one enemy to sunny weather – the tube.  You wouldn’t think rush hour could become more uncomfortable at times but add heat into the equation and it gets pretty unpleasant.  Squeezed against sweaty arm pits just isn’t a nice way to get into the office or out for the evening.

What do you love about the sun in the city?