Sweet coffee satisfaction – Monmouth Coffee, Covent Garden

Monmouth Coffee are serious about their beans, they’ve been in the business of making a good cup of coffee for over thirty years and not only do they serve it, they roast it themselves too!  This means you get Monmouth Coffee in their cafes, from those cafes in the know AND you can buy it to take home.  As they’ve got a reputation for producing a tasty cup I popped into their original cafe in Covent Garden.

Now if you’ve been to Covent Garden either as a visitor or a Londoner you’ll know it gets BUSY and whilst it’s great for city eats, I’ve never managed to pop into an independent cafe with Starbucks and Caffe Nero being all so easy to find. So what’s great about this cafe is that it’s a bit out of the main buzz of the Piazza, on Monmouth Street, surrounded by the lovely independent boutiques of Seven Dials.

So what about the coffee? Well I ordered a cappuccino and it was tasty, hit the spot just right. I also had a little pastry treat but it was demolished so quick that there’s no pictures to get your mouth watering I’m afraid.  The cost for both was about £4.50.

As for the cafe it was nice, cosy, with a warm wooden look.  Despite their coffee reputation I must have timed it just right as I got a seat straight away.  This may have been helped by the fact their tables are communal, so if you’re going for a good gossip with a friend be mindful of your fellow drinkers.

I’ve heard that they do get queues in most of their sites of a morning, particularly at the Bermondsey site which only opens on Saturdays. So if you’re in need of a pre-work caffeine injection set the alarm a few minutes early!

If you’d like to buy their coffee you can pick it up in their shops.  I also believe there are other shops which supply it, unfortunately Google don’t have any reliable results to share so just keep your eyes peeled for the name.