Exhibition: Sony World Photography Awards

The Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition seemed a great opportunity to feed my latest obsession.  You see I’ve always had an interest in photography, took my camera out every chance I got, but a combination of upgrading to a DSLR after my camera was stolen and getting out and about A LOT more thanks to the blog, it’s become something I’d love to get pretty good at.  Photography

So what I was hoping to get out of this exhibition was a good old look at how it’s done properly, maybe get a bit of inspiration along the way, and I wasn’t disappointed.  If you like photography as much as me I’d recommend popping along to Somerset House where it’s currently on show until 20 May.

The entry is pretty reasonable at £7.50 and what you’ll get in exchange for your cash is a wide selection of images from some of the world’s most talented photographers.  There’s a lot to get absorbed in!

I liked so many pictures but the ones which stood out the most to me were…

Peter Franck – winner of the Fashion category

 Image credit – peterfranck.de

Peter’s fashion images were so different to the ones you usually see in magazines, almost anti-fashion photography to me as the product doesn’t seem to be the main focus.

Irina Werning – Portraiture

 Image credit –  irinawerning.com

Irina Werning’s ‘Back to the future’ images seemed quite playful, something it’d be quite fun (and probably a bit scary) to recreate.

Helena Thompson – Still life

Image credit – guardian.co.uk

Helena’s ‘Death Row Prisoner’s Last meals’ collection manage to show the desolate feeling of that last meal, quite haunting really.

There’s also a great collection of London city images, where entrants were asked to submit a photo which summed up their area. I’m not quite sure what I would have submitted! Can you picture what you’d send in for yours?

By the end of the exhibition I really realised that there are a few kinds of photography, those that capture a memory, those that sum up a place or a thing, and those that tell a story.  I think it’s the latter that separates the pros out from your everyday photographer like me, there’s a real skill in being able to say so much more in just one image.

In case gazing at pictures isn’t quite enough to part with your cash, there’s also free talks going on at the weekends with photography experts.  Find out more on the topics on on the WPO website.

Are you into photography? Would love to know that there’s other camera geeks out there!