Exhibitions: Christian Louboutin at the Design Museum

Louboutins with their fiery red soles are shoes to lust after.  They tower over other shoes with their 5 inch heels of fine leather and french attitude.  They’re completely out of my league but when I saw that the Design Museum was putting a collection of them on show to celebrate Christian Louboutin’s 20 years in the business I had to get myself a ticket to go down and admire their sheer beauty and craftsmanship.


The exhibition (on now until 9 July) takes you into the world of Christian Louboutin and everything that inspires him and his shoes, travel, architecture, entertainment, fetish and the show girl, to name a few.

Image credit –  Stylist Magazine

The setting is theatrical referencing the Crazy Horse show he’s involved in this year, which suits his shoes perfectly. You can’t deny that these shoes would go unnoticed!

Image credit – ljkc.blogspot.com

But aside from the show-stopping shoes you’ll find a lot of glamour and fine craftsmanship in this exhibition and you’re taken through how his shoes come to life.  The well-known Pegalle is a great example of his work and definitely a pair of shoes on my dream purchase list.

Image credit – Net-A-Porter.com

For anyone who’s into typography you’ll get a great fix here, a much more pleasing read for the eye than your average exhibition.  Sadly you’re not allowed to take pictures inside the exhibition but hopefully this gives you a little taster…

Saving the best till last, the finale, this is something you probably won’t have seen in any other exhibition and it will have you mesmerised and full of the desire to go shoe shopping.  You really need to see it for yourself, but picture shoes, a Dita Von Teese performance with a very clever use of technology.  If you want to go behind the scenes on how they made it and get a sneak peek of the show, watch an interview on this website – http://www.dezeenscreen.com.

For those who aren’t into shoes but is taking someone who is, you’re in luck as the £11 entry fee also gets you admission to the Designs of the Year 2012 exhibition which is well worth a look.  I got a bit of Olympic excitement at seeing the torch there.

So are you already full of the desire to buy shoes or get a ticket to enjoy some shoe lust? 

Disclaimer: this post is to inform readers of an interesting exhibition to pop along to, any shoe purchases made as a result of reading this post may not be claimed against the writer.

*thumbnail from designmuseumshop.com