Sweet tooth satisfaction at home – the Florence Finds Ombré cake

Florence Finds is a great lifestyle blog with plenty of posts to get into, from fashion to food, the home to the garden, with life and beauty thrown in too. There’s often a good recipe to try out and when the Ombré cake popped up I knew it was a baking challenge Lucinda and myself couldn’t pass  up.

Hello                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         You can’t deny that cake tastes a little sweeter when you’ve made it yourself and as this one needed care and attention to get right we knew there’d be a good reward if it went to plan. So we rolled up our sleeves, got our pinnys on and cleared the Sunday afternoon to see if we could make it look as good as Florence’s.

The full recipe is all over on Florence Finds (get it by clicking here) where you’ll find a good sponge recipe and some great tips. Here’s how we got on!

You start with a pretty normal victoria sponge cake recipe, we whipped ours up with a hand whisk and added vanilla essence into the mix as we love it in cakes. The end mixture did have quite a thick texture.

Then you separate the mixture into four bowls to create your different shades. The colouring is all about building it up rather than throwing it in, we started out with one of the middle colours and went darker/lighter for the other layers.

Put the mix into the baking tray and spread it out. We thought it seemed pretty thin but really it turns out OK!

Put it in the oven and hope for the best. We started the icing after the sponge had cooled and created about a third more than the recipe to make sure the whole cake was covered.

This was the result of a hard afternoon’s baking efforts.

It was a tense moment slicing it but we think it turned out pretty well!

So pretty…

Are you up for the bake challenge?? Get on over to the Florence Finds recipe to see what’s in involved then!