Exhibitions: Walk by Stik at Imitate Modern

I took advantage of one of the few dry evenings recently and walked part of my journey home through the lovely Marylebone. I also had another motivation, to visit the Walk by Stik exhibition at the Imitate Modern, a contemporary art gallery just of Marylebone High Street.



Street art has really got my attention at the moment, spend a couple of couple of weekends around East London and it’s hard to miss it! What I love about it is that someone has boldly decided to share their creativity for the world to see, an accessible form of art for everyone to enjoy (or not in some cases). You’ll find it comes in all shapes and sizes from the subtle miniature in Columbia Road Flower market to the unmissable statement walls around Brick Lane. Stik to me sits somewhere in between this, bold pieces you can’t avoid with a subtle message or emotion lying behind it.

Image credit – Evening Standard/Globalstreetart.com

The exhibition caught my eye as I was reading the Evening Standard over someone’s shoulder on the tube (as you do) and I spotted a picture. I was intrigued and wanted to know more and it’s a pretty inspiring story of creative talent turning a hard life on the streets into a lucrative life in the art world. For the full story you can read the article online and in depth interview on the Little London Observationist.

As for the exhibition itself, it’s small with only a few pieces to look at, but this means it can be enjoyed on a lunch break or sophisticated afternoon in Marylebone. You get a sense of how far he’s come here and you can really understand his appeal. It’s so simple, almost childlike, but there’s emotion in those black the eyes and the Stik men interactions

I loved the Stik wall they had created with visitors attempts at creating what seems like such a simple image.

They also let me have a go so here’s my Marylebone inspired Stik!

French stripes and a Mulberry Bayswater!

The exhibition closes on 10 May so there’s still time to pop in! If you miss it there’s a handy little map of his street works on his website.

Anyone feeling a Stik walk??