Britain is Making it – a Friday Late at the V&A

The V&A is by far my favourite museum in London.  Fashion and design always draws me in and there’s plenty of  it here, all mixed in with some interesting stuff that means you can easily spend a whole afternoon there and still not be finished.  Perfect for anyone looking for something to do on a rainy day, a leisurely afternoon and even a spare Friday evening!


Britain is Making it was the latest Friday Late exhibition, all about British design.  The programme included talks and workshops from some of our innovative and talented designers.  Friday Lates take place on the last Friday of every month and what you get is an evening filled with not only being able to look around the museum, but also activities and displays to keep you entertained and occupied.  It’s also free to attend!

Every Friday Late is different so I thought I’d give you a flavour of what goes on from last week’s visit.  So here’s what I enjoyed…

‘Pants Printing’ with David David – I chose an item of clothing by American Apparell (pants, tshirts, leggings), then with some instructions from David I got painting!

Here’s my *ahem* design…

The Grand Foyer had a lot going on and it seemed to be where the Friday night was at, DJs, a bar and people enjoying their surroundings.

I couldn’t resist treating myself to a Friday wine, at £4.50 I thought I got a pretty good deal given that the rest of the night was free!

I decided to go for a wander to see what else was on offer. I loved this.

But best of all, was getting to see the rest of the museum without the usual weekend crowds.

As a full week in the office took its toll I started to get weary but just as I was leaving I had my excuse for the next visit in my back pocket as I got a sneaky peak at the Ballgowns exhibition coming soon…

So readers is the V&A your style? Or is there another museum which satisfys your interests? I’d be interested to know your favourites!

More info on future Friday Lates can be found on the V&A website.  Similar events are held at other museums so it’s worth checking out your favourite museums event pages.