The London Coffee Festival

This morning’s trip to The London Coffee Festival highlighted two things – I don’t know a lot about coffee and I’m a bit of a coffee wimp. You may have noticed through my series of sweet tooth satisfactions that I like a good coffee, but I’m no specialist or addict.  I enjoy plenty of tea and I don’t go for the hard stuff, preferring a nice milky cappuccino with a sprinkling of sugar.


This festival, tipped as an event for coffee lovers, seemed like a good opportunity to learn a bit more and perhaps step out of my caffeine comfort zone.  Here’s what I found out…

Lesson 1. You can brew your coffee in more ways than the humble cafetiere:

The no nonsense coffee machine for Baristas and coffee connoiseurs 

The simple filter paper method

The experimental coffee machine

The creative coffee machine (courtesy of Bean about town)

Lesson 2. There are people out there willing to help you make decent coffee – an intriguing website launches in May which might be worth checking out if you’re as clueless as me! They promise to give you tips on things like…

Lesson 3. You can get coffee in ways other than a steaming hot cup – Brasilena is a coffee soda and tastes a bit like something between an ice tea and coca cola.

Lesson 4. Not to forget where your coffee comes from and the hard work that goes on overseas to get you that perfect morning pick-me-up.

Lesson 5. Like alcohol it’s not advisable to drink too much coffee on an empty stomach! A cappuccino and a couple of coffee samples started to give me too much of a buzz, so I had to eat something and this yummie arancini wrap was just the trick at just £3.50.

So readers…

Can’t live without coffee? Tea all the way? Or like me do you dabble in a bit of both?

The London Coffee Festival is open this weekend only and you can find more about the event on their website.  It’s good for those who love their coffee, want to know more about it and may be in the market for an impressive coffee machine.