Cocktail hour ~ Drink Shop Do, Kings Cross

I stumbled across Drink Shop Do whilst whilst searching around the World Wide Web for bars in the local North London area and loved the retro style.  After getting lucky last week and wining the office sweepstake for the Grand National, it was pretty obvious the best way to spend it was on a cocktail hour with a friend.  The central location of this bar/cafe, being just around the corner of Kings Cross station, made it a great choice.

As the name suggests this is not just a place to enjoy cocktails….

The Drinks menu covers everything from warming hot drinks, (perfect with their tempting cakes) to a variety of refreshing cold drinks, both alcoholic and non alcoholic.  We eyed up the cocktails straight away and the offering was definitely for those with a bit of a sweet tooth.  We tried the Coconut Ice and Georgie Porgie which hit the sugar spot and didn’t hurt the purse too much at £7.50 a pop.

We resisted the temptation to buy a pound of the sweets which feature on the menu, although they do catch your attention as you walk through the Shop to get to the bar.  You’ll also find other tempting purchases to stop you in your tracks with some pretty cool cards, books, jewellery and other well designed pieces on offer.

The Do part of your evening is totally your choice, there’s a selection of board games to get absorbed in (we couldn’t resist playing a little game of ‘Guess Who?’), and they also encourage you to get involved in kitsch activities like designing your own vintage car.

It’s a great place both for the daytime and evening, occupying some time whilst waiting for a train, meeting someone for a date or catching up with a friend.  It’s a little different to your usual bar or cafe, making it a fun talking point to your visit.

Let me know if you’ve been or plan to go soon.  I’d love to know if anyone tries out the Man’s Afternoon Tea!