Floral heaven at Columbia Road Flower market

Columbia Road Flower market has been on my weekend to do for ages.  The last time I went was way back in the early days of living in London.  It was a freezing February morning and I was feeling the effects of a fun-filled evening the night before, not a winning combination for enjoying the floral delights of East London.


I recently spotted references to the Flower market on Liberty London Girl and Florence Finds, reminding me of its potential beauty, so it got put on the to do for the next free weekend in the city.

Sunday arrived (which is the only day of the week it’s open) and luckily it was dry and sunny, and despite a few G&Ts the night before I was feeling quite fresh.  It was a perfect leisurely Sunday afternoon activity, which offered up…

A beautiful array of fresh flowers and potted plants…

Fresh food…

Lovely independent boutiques offering a variety of things…

 Art (this was a lovely shop selling Ryan Town, all hand crafted)


Home ware, and so much more!

There’s also live music about which adds to a great atmosphere…

All set on a street which feels typically East London, creative, colourful and vintage…

…with a bit of graffiti thrown in.

 I found three of these on the day, sadly this was the best one most in tact

It’s well-known amongst Londoners and even further afield, apparently the supplies are so good people drive in from outside the city to make purchases.  This does mean it gets pretty busy so I think the earlier you can go the better.  I arrived at lunchtime like everyone else it seemed.

Here are my purchases, put together by my ‘fine’ floristry skills:

It’s definitely an example of what London does best, independent and interesting markets which if the purse is pinching you can spend hardly anything and just enjoy your surroundings.

Have you paid a visit to this market? What do you love most about it?



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  1. April 25, 2012 / 9:52 pm

    I haven’t been but after reading your post I’m definitely paying a visit the next weekend I have free (middle of June??)