Cocktail hour meets City eats: The Parlour Bar, Canary Wharf

The Parlour Bar is one of those places that works as a good post work all-rounder, a fun cocktail hour and a well-priced city eat you can enjoy together or separately.  The garden-meets-warehouse style, sunny pictures and jam jars on their website had me sold, so last week Lyndsay (writer of and I thought it would be a good place to try out.


You’ll find it at Canada Square, Canary Wharf, a place I don’t venture to often these days but it has a great city buzz about it and I still find myself walking around with my eyes upwards gazing at the immense buildings.  The area’s atmosphere is pretty infectious in its local bars and this one is no exception.  You can choose to join the drinkers or the diners, if drinking I’d recommend booking a table if you don’t fancy standing as it seemed pretty crowded!

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We took a seat with the diners but were keen to get straight onto the cocktails after we’d both checked out the sizeable menu online (it handily highlights the skinny options if you’re already on a summer diet).  The waiter advised us that they were trying a new concept out for cocktails and rather than giving us a menu asked – what spirit we liked, sweet/sour and fruity/savoury.  It saved pondering over the menu so I answered with rum, sour, fruity and I got pretty delicious grapefruit medley which I don’t think had a name (or it did and I was either too focused on getting my hands on the cocktail to listen or simply sold on the gimmick).   Priced a reasonable £7.


It was tempting to ask for another instead of selecting food but hunger overtook the urges and we decided to go for a few small plates to pick at.  There was a decent choice to select from and you can also order main meals, I’d say the theme is British kitchen style with ‘healthy’ salads, your upmarket fish and chips, pasta and antipasti. Each smail plate was between £4 and £7 and we went for four which was plenty (if not a little too much for us). Main meals were minimum £10 each. 

The total for dinner with a cocktail was about £22 which I didn’t think was too bad.  The same people run The Anthologist in Bank and I definitely got a similar vibe so if you like it there you’ll like it at The Parlour Bar.

Have you been? Enjoyed it or could take it or leave it? Be great to hear your opinions.