What’s the interest in Pinterest?

Pinterest is a hot social media topic at the moment (perhaps now second to Instagram), it’s popularity has grown so much recently that there are reports that it’s already the third most popular social media site behind Twitter and Facebook.

If you like social media it’s likely you’ll have seen or read something about it recently, but possibly not experimented with what it has to offer.  This was me a few weeks ago, I signed up and honestly couldn’t quite see what the interest was and whether I had more room in my life for even more social media, but then as I read more I couldn’t resist the intrigue and had to give it a go.

For anyone who’s not read much about it, in simple terms Pinterest is a visual exchange of the things you’re interested in.  You set up a collection of pinboards each with a topic or theme, and you pin images to the board from across the internet or from your own collection of images.  I think this is where its power comes from, if you think about the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”, there’s a lot being said on Pinterest.  One screen can hold a lot more information and need a lot less effort than reading a few paragraphs like this!

I’m definitely more of a visual person and I got into it pretty quickly.

Here’s how I got started:

  • Requested an invite by visiting pinterest.com and submitting my email.  The invite to create my profile arrived just a couple of days later.
  • Put a pinboard together of my main blog topics, mixed in with my own interests.  Here’s just a bit of mine (I’ve somehow created 18 now!)

  • Added a ‘pin it’ button to bookmarks on my computer and iPad using their easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Got pinning!  First my blog posts (see an example below), then general images on the internet. For general images I select the pin it button, then select the image I want to pin, the board I want it to go on, sometimes write a comment and then pin it.

  •  Got repining.  To repin just hover over the top of the image from your feed and select the repin button, then select the board you want it to go on.  You can search for new pins by selecting options from the ‘Everything’ menu.

Here’s some Pinterest translations:

  • Liking – similar to Facebook but like Twitter it’s more likely you’ll be liking things from people you follow than your actual friends.
  • Re-pinning – like re-tweeting on Twitter.
  • Following/Followers – pretty much the same as on Twitter.
  • Commenting – like Facebook but again similar to Twitter in that you’re likely to be commenting on people that you follow than your friends.

How you can get interested in Pinterest:

Like other social media sites, to get into it you just need to think about what you find interesting and what information you want to get from it.  If you’re re-decorating or organising an event or wedding it’s definitely great for getting inspiration. For me, I can gather my blog posts together in one nice tidy screen, look at different photography styles and get to know a bit more about the tastes of my favourite bloggers, tweeters and fashion stores.

Have you joined the Pinterest craze? What got you interested? I definitely need more profiles to follow so if you have one I may be interested in, let me know!

To see my mine visit http://pinterest.com/thiscitylife/