Sweet tooth satisfaction – Ray Stitch, Islington

Ray Stitch caught my eye a few months ago, I passed it several times on a regular bus journey to the gym and the cute shop signage had me intrigued as to what was in store.  When I saw a piece on the lovely Laura Ashley blog, it was firmly on my list of places to visit soon.  A sunny Sunday then presented itself and I thought it’d make part of a nice trip into Islington.

The special thing about this shop is that it’s not just a cafe, it’s a haberdashery offering a treasure trove of fabrics, buttons, ribbons, trims, yarns and more! Before I explored the well-picked selection of treats, I took a seat, ordered a coffee and bake well tart, and watched the world go by.

Both were delicious but I couldn’t help but get distracted by the rest of the shop.  In my school days, textiles was my favourite class, sitting in front of a sewing machine for hours on end was much more therapeutic than pondering over algebra or writing about the war.  So I quickly finished up, paid a reasonable £5.50 and had a look around.


It seemed that whatever you were creating you should be able to find it here and I was sorely tempted to go away with an armful and get creating something for my room.  I managed to prevent myself from an impulse buy when I spotted the classes on offer.  Patchwork quilting was something my mum taught me and my sister when we were younger, I thought it would be great to get back into as a therapeutic hobby and a better investment than a random selection of lovely ribbons and buttons (which of course I’m still likely to be tempted by on a second visit). Their beginners class in this is £42 for an afternoon, other classes range from dress to curtain making.  I’m thinking of signing up to the next available class so watch this space for more!

Ray stitch also sell their wares online so if you’re interested but can’t make a visit, check out their website.