Wandsworth Common Beer Festival, Le Gothique

OK I know absolutely nothing about beer but I do love a good beer festival that provides a great pub atmosphere on a bigger scale.  I also know that most of them offer cider which is definitely one of my favourite afternoon drinks, particularly in the sunshine.



The Wandsworth Common Beer Festival is a bi-annual event, hosted at the picturesque Le Gothique Restaurant and Bar.  For the beer enthusiasts,  there’s over 100 beers on offer and you can find the full list here.  For cider lovers like me there are about 20 to chose from.

In the spirit of the beer festival I did go for a chocolate orange beer first but unfortunately it was pretty bitter and just not my type of drink.  I swiftly moved on to the cider and sampled the blackberry cider, followed by a strawberry cider (the clear winner), finishing with a Westons. Top tip – get in early with the cider, due to the smaller stocks it runs out pretty quick.  Price per half pint was about £1.75, I think for a full pint £3.50.  It costs £4 entry fee and plus £2 for a glass deposit

It wasn’t a massive beer festival but a reasonable enough size to draw a decent crowd and a pretty good atmosphere.  Live music started up later on in the afternoon which was a fitting addition to the afternoon. We left before it got dark but it did seem like a few beers had been had at that point.

Unfortunately the beer festival ended yesterday but I reckon if you like a good beer, make a note of their halloween event in your diary (fancy dress is allowed!).  If you did make it this weekend and can shed some light on the beers for potential male readers, share your thoughts below!